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Dont let ferguson die because it isnt trending anymore


Smooth as shit

“Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

African American Proverb (via whoareyouandwhyshouldicare )

i really have a violence fetish. i like rated M games, worldstarhiphop clips in short burst and girls who punch me in the crotch with their pussy.

like kill me with your ass now.



The camera angle they never show on TV


yall….. niggas………*shakes inhaler* is so…… ugly……..



NY Youngin tell yall dont ask him for shit


Natasha Aughey has gone through a 1.5 year transformation to physical excellence. Crafted from gym visits, eating regiments and a recent high intensity heavy lifting routine, she has realized a Wonder Woman physique and shalt never, in the case of a sexual advance of this writer, removal of his dick from her guts.

Twenty-one years of age, she is a figure competitor, hungry for her pro card, personal trainer and works as a GoodLife Fitness Hunt Natural Athlete. Check her out @natashaughey (IG)